The Precise brand is owned by Trisco Foods an Australian company owned and managed by the Tristram family. We have been manufacturing food and beverage products in Queensland since 1875. We also make a product that meets the needs of aged care residents suffering from dysphagia by giving precise control over the consistency of prepared thickened drinks, whilst being quick, easy, stress-free and economical. This led to the development of ‘Precise Thick-N INSTANT’, a liquid thickener concentrate to help those with dysphagia consume their favourite drinks.


At Trisco Foods, innovation is one of our core values. With the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, we looked to new opportunities to utilise our product R&D and production capabilities. As a result, we will now also be producing hand sanitiser at our Carole Park factory. The sanitiser, which will be produced under the Precise Defend brand, is made to a W.H.O. formulation containing 80% ethanol and provides antibacterial hand cleansing without the need for water.


Trisco Foods, which was named Premier of Queensland’s Exporter of the Year 2019, has a reputation for quality products, exceptional service and expertise in the food manufacturing industry.


With a dedicated R&D Team and fully equipped development laboratory, our innovative approach to product development delivers confidence and certainty for our clients.


About Precise Defend